Thursday, October 18, 2007

Greece, Part 2


Paradise Beach, a 2 minute walk from my cabin

Mykonos Town

Across the harbor


Typical Mykonos building. Everything is blue and white.

This one, not so typical

Back alley in Mykonos Town

Red Church

Blue Church

White Church

Petros the Pelican


The theater quarter

All of Delos is like this. There are hardly any standing structures.

Mount Kynthos

Floor mosaic

Terrace of the Lions


The birthplace of Apollo & Artemis


Getting off the ferry at the Santorini dock. If you look closely, you can see all the switchbacks that the buses had to navigate.

Santorini hostel. Even the interior is blue and white.

The caldera

The Santorini cliffs

Thira, the main town on Santorini


Thira at sunset

The caldera at sunset

Shopping street in Thira

Colorful church


Perissa beach - the black sand beach

The cliffs near Perissa beach

Church & bell tower in Perissa


View from my cabin

The pool at the campground

Milopotas beach

Milopotas beach at sunset

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